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“When the righteous thrive, the people rejoice; when the wicked rule, the people groan.” (Prov 29:2)

New Year, Old Wars

By Frank Kacer

I’m not talking about new Iraq’s, or going into other hotbeds of terrorism or despotism
Resolutions for the new year
How bad was it last year in California
Fiscal progress made by Governor
Some bad legislation passed (SB 1234)
Dominant liberal bastion in the Legislature
Must continue to ensure bad legislation is resisted
Continue to support good legislation
Things that you can do
Become involved
Call/write, as old fashioned as this sounds
Express your values and concerns
Short listing of things that can make a difference
Individual oriented
Subscribe to World magazine (weekly Christian worldview perspective)
Refamiliarize your self with the DoI and Constitution (mentioned a lot the last few years, have you read it?)
If you have children in public schools, contact Pacific Justice Institute for packet telling you of your rights (particularly opt-out rights)
If petitions are circulated, read them carefully, and support
Church oriented
Looks like there may be a special election next fall
Keep apprised of the propositions as they qualify and the legislature passes them
Get involved early – Prop 71 example of not being fully exposed as to its content
Consider forming a Christian Citizenship Ministry within your church
Talk to your pastor,

Not a time to sit back and bask in the win
Those that oppose Biblical values will be reorganizing, planning, and coming back stronger than ever – this has been true throughout history and will continue until the Lord returns
The momentum has changed, the evangelical vote did make a difference

Who has our leaders ears?  What values will prevail in our land?  Do you even care?
What would be reasonable actions to take this coming year

Find a cause that is worthwhile, support it, get to know the leaders, make a difference.  Continue to ground yourselves in Biblical truths and principles and compare to what is happening around us. 

One man seems right until another challenges him Prov____

There are many things against our getting God’s standard into the marketplace of ideas, so we must be diligent in pursuing avenues that give opportunity to accurately present what is right and just

New years resolution – like so many will it just fade away?  Do we have to be reminded throughout this year how bad the environment is getting in order to stay involved, at least to a small degree?  There are from 1300 to 1600 churches in San Diego County