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“When the righteous thrive, the people rejoice; when the wicked rule, the people groan.” (Prov 29:2)

Kacer's Korner

Since September 2004, the executive director of the Christian Citizenship Council, Frank Kacer, has written a monthly column for Good News Etc.   His monthly articles address the wide variety of issues a Christian faces when becoming engaged in the cultural and political battles around us. These articles, first published under the byline of "Kacer's Korner" in Good News Etc or as Guest Commentaries, are listed below.   Your comments on any or all are welcome.

General Articles:
"How Do you Identify Yourself?" (January 2009)
"Using the Bible Against Us" (January 2009)
"What's the Plan?" (December 2008)
"Candidate Selection Criteria"(November 2008)

"Is Government God?" (August 2008)
"Why they hate us" (July 2008
“The Values Pyramid – Part II” (June 2008)
“The Values Pyramid” (May 2008)
“Obama’s Judgment” - Guest Commentary (April 2008)
“Gird Your Loins!” (April 2008)
"Election Musings" (March 2008)
"A Religious Test for President?" (January 2008)
"Our Cultural Mandate – Part VI" (October 2007)
"Our Cultural Mandate – Part V" (September 2007)
"Our Cultural Mandate - Part IV" (August 2007)
"Gasoline" (July 2007)
"Our Cultural Mandate - Part III" (June 2007)
"Our Cultural Mandate - Part II " (May 2007)
"Our Cultural Mandate - Part I "
(April 2007)
"Email Warriors " (March 2007)
"Why We Do It " (February 2007)
"10 Step Program " (January 2007)
"Stop Crying " (December 2006)
"Tis The Season " (November 2006)
"End Game " (October 2006)
"Flag Desecration?" (August 2006)
"A Goal Too Far" (July 2006)
"A Biblical Perspective on Candidate Qualifications - Part II " (May 2006)
"A Biblical Perspective on Candidate Qualifications" (April 2006)
"Christian Conscience and Politics" (January - March 2006)
"It's Important to Have Dreams" (November 2005)
"Election Pre-View Evenings" (October 2005)
"Power at Any Price" (September 2005)
"A Letter to Church Members" (August 2005)
"A Letter to Pastors" (July 2005)
"Who's the Enemy?" (June 2005)
"Terri Schiavo - Reflections One Month Later" (May 2005)
"What Separation of Church and State?" (March - May 2005)
"New Year, Age Old Wars" (January 2005)
"I thought Statistics Were For Losers" (December 2004)
"After the Election - The Heavy Work Begins" (November 2004)

San Diego Related Articles:
"San Diego’s Tipping Point" (November 2007)
"Biblical Mudslinging" (March 2006)
"Mt. Soledad - A Cross to Bear" (April 2005)
"Stories of (Whose) Faith?" (September 2004)

California Related Articles:
"The Never-Ending War: Prop 8" (December 2008)
"My Proposition Picks" (November 2008)
"Be Encouraged" (October 2008)
"Enough is Enough" (September 2008)
"Back to basics on Marriage" (September 2008)
"Proposition 8 Actions churches can take" (September 2008)
"Judicial Shame" (June 2008)
"California Primary Propositions" (February 2008)
"California Cowardice" (December 2007)
"Death Law Resurrected" (April 2007)
"Mixed Propositions" (September 2006)
"Judges Denied" (June 2006)
"What Happened?" (December 2005)
"Dueling Marriage Propositions" (November 2005)