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“When the righteous thrive, the people rejoice; when the wicked rule, the people groan.” (Prov 29:2)

“Tis The Season ”

Another November, another election, another opportunity to impact the laws of the state, local city decisions, and also place the next round of lawgivers in office.  By now you know how I feel about Christians taking every election seriously and researching the issues and candidates as thoroughly as possible, then voting consistent with a Biblical worldview.  Even though the war raging at the State level seems to be hopelessly lost for the time being, I’m very gratified by the response I’ve seen with churches in the San Diego area that are starting to take seriously the citizenship responsibility we each have. Several churches are planning to review the ballot Propositions with their members, others are starting Sunday School classes on contemporary issues, while others are beginning to organize Christian Citizenship Ministries for the long haul under their pastor’s shepherding oversight.  These are all positive trends, and show a gradual realization that the church triumphant includes engaging the cultural and political battles around us. 

On the down side, I still encounter churches intimidated into the belief that providing helpful voter materials is inappropriate or may cause divisiveness.  Hence, they avoid doing this at all costs.  A case in point is the “Family Voter Information” guide, which in prior years was referred to as the “Christian Coalition Voter Guide”.  One may want to see different questions asked of each candidate, but these guides provide a wonderful resource of candidate responses on a broad range of issues.  How, or whether, a candidate responds will tell you a lot.  Giving these guides to church members doesn’t endorse or imply a position on any of the questions.  Remember, it’s both legal and easy to provide these guides and say they’re a resource only, and that they don’t necessarily represent all issues church leadership thinks are important.  To get copies contact Don Smith at 619.698.1872 or go to  If this small step is unacceptable, then alternatively, what is your church doing to cover the election issues that are important to it?

An opportunity to have pastoral and ministry leadership better understand the legal issues and challenges churches face locally and throughout the State are encouraged to attend the “Citizen’s Forum” hosted by Maranatha Chapel on 12 October.  This forum is entitled “Overcoming New Legal Threats to Charities & Religious Non-Profits” and is co-sponsored by the California Family Council and the Alliance Defense Fund.  Topics include such things as equal access, defending traditional marriage, perceived gender identity, local land use, eminent domain, and what churches can do to advance Biblical principles in government and public policy.  For more information send an e-mail to or call 951.354.8362.

For another opportunity to become equipped I’ll make a shameless self-promotion.  I’ll be teaching a college level course at Horizon College of San Diego for the Fall semester entitled “Christian Activism in a Pluralistic Society”.  This course will be on Tuesday evenings beginning 10 October and will cover a full set of topics ranging from establishing a Biblical basis for our cultural mandate, to our nation’s unique Christian foundation, to current legal and social hot topics; to reasoning through difficult issues; to practical tools for effective and balanced “activism”.  For more information go to or contact me directly (e-mail below). 

If you don’t influence the environment around us for good, who will?  If your church doesn’t equip members to be godly citizens through solid teaching of Biblical principles and reasoning, why won’t it?  Is scripture sufficient for all matters of faith, practice and life or not?  The Bible may not have a direct command addressing a ballot proposition, but I can guarantee it will have many principles that apply.  May we all be good Bereans (Acts 17:11), sharpen each other to vote well this Fall (Prov 27:17), and encourage others to do the same.

- Frank Kacer

First published as a Guest Commentary in the November 2006 issue of Good News Etc.