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Christian Citizenship Council
of San Diego
San Diego
“When the righteous thrive, the people rejoice; when the wicked rule, the people groan.” (Prov 29:2)

The Christian Citizenship Council of San Diego offers a lesson plan and information, based on Biblical authority, for the following social issues:

Abortion - The abortion issue frames clearly the way of Satan (death) and the way of Christ (life).  When does human life begin?  Is the Pro-Life movement new?  What are arguments that attempt to justify abortion? Is there human development before birth?  What can Christians do to stop the killing?

Capital Punishment - Why is this a controversial subject?  What are common reasons to justify capital punishment? What Biblical principles apply?  What should Christians do?

Euthanasia - What secular reasons are given to justify euthanasia? What is the difference between ending life, prolonging death, and allowing to die?  What are extraordinary methods?  What are some practical considerations about living wills?  What Biblical principles can be applied?

Gambling - What constitutes gambling?  Is gambling a sin? What Biblical principles apply and what fundamental issues are at stake?

Homosexuality - Can God redeem from this also?  Is this sin worse than any other?  Is acceptance of homosexuality a sign of God's judgement?  What tactics are employed by the gay community and what should our response be?  What Biblical references and truths are there regarding homosexuality?

Human Cloning - What is rDNA and cloning? Are transgenic organisms here today? Should man create new species?  What Biblical principles apply to this exploding are of technology?

Illegal Aliens - What is a proper Christian response to illegal aliens within this country? What responsibility do we have to help those from other countries that are less fortunate?  What is the proper governmental role?

Stem Cells - What exactly is a stem cell?  Are frozen embryos human beings?  Is the "in vitro" fertilization process justifiable?  How do Biblical sanctity of life principles apply to this issue?

Taxes - What Biblical principles apply to taxation, tithes and freewill offerings?  What principles should guide secular governments?  What is the history of income tax in the US?

Voting - What is a Christians role?  How should we select those to rule over us? What is the need for godly advice?

Welfare - Biblically there is a difference between harsh and indiscriminate compassion (Prov 4:27).  Extreme liberalism or extreme conservatism both yield undesirable results.  Loving our neighbor as ourselves (Matt 22:37-39) and seeking His kingdom (Matt 6:33) provide the foundational perspective needed to help the downtrodden and point them heavenward.