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“When the righteous thrive, the people rejoice; when the wicked rule, the people groan.” (Prov 29:2)

“It’s Important to Have Dreams”

Local and national politics can get you down.  Victories representing a Christian, Biblical worldview seem to be few and far between.  Everything becomes a fight, with seemingly little prospect for infusing salt and light into the public arena with lasting success.  At times, it’s easy for me to get caught up in day-to-day controversies, never ending legal wrangling, and corrupt mass media bias and overlook the “big picture”.  If I’m not careful, long-term hope can give way to feelings of powerlessness and political correctness fatigue. 

When that happens, it’s time to recalibrate and put faith and politics back into perspective.  Although God doesn’t demand results from us, He does demand faithfulness.  As I slowly remember this, I try to focus once more on what we’re trying to accomplish and why.  The “why” is clear, to bring glory to God.  The what, however, can become lost.  The Bible says where there are no dreams (vision), people perish (Prov 29:18). Well, I have dreams I’d like to see come true throughout our community and nation.  I’ll share seven with you.

I dream of a time when:

1. Pulpits everywhere will again preach powerfully against all wickedness, public and private, without being watered down.  God’s word is the foundation and standard to judge everything that is vile, depraved and shameful.  The live-and-let-live and don’t-rock-the-boat type preaching only weakens our influence in society.  With a firm understanding of the source of problems the message of personal salvation (and answers to societal issues) can be heard.  To get there we must encourage our spiritual leaders to call darkness for what it is and equip us to carry Biblical truths into the marketplace for the common good.

2. Moral depravity would again be shameful.  I dream of a time I can take my family to movies with a clear conscience, when there are no “pride” parades that glorify perversion, and no advertising support for “shock jocks”.  When modest clothing is once more desirable and our children can enjoy being children without constant exposure to glorified sexual impurity, violence, rebellion or drugs.  When right and wrong are understood and shame once more reflects a common conscience that is not seared or deceived.  We must hold the standard high, and learn new ways to present and defend that which is good.

3. Life is valued and protected from conception to natural death.  Abortion would no longer be a personal “right” and every unborn (and born) child would be precious and valued.  The elderly, infirm, and challenged person would still be esteemed and ministered to, not just tolerated or put into “homes” out of the way or euthanized.  I look forward to the day when no human life would be taken or abused for convenience, self interest or out of neglect but would be seen for what they are, a reflection of the image of God.

4. Laws would reflect Biblical morality.   I see a time when government will enact righteous laws with wisdom and proportionate justice consistent with God’s revealed standards.  I dream of the time when government will no longer be tempted to define evil as good and good as evil and all levels of legislation and the judiciary will act on godly principles.

5. Elections would select the best amongst many good.  I long for a time when churches will mentor our best and brightest to gain the necessary experience and understanding to take public leadership positions as a servant/leader to society.  I see a time when solid values, Biblically based moral convictions and faith will be viewed as minimum qualifications for office and not as disqualifiers.

6. Government is restrained to its Biblical role.  I dream of a time when government would encourage good works and not hinder them, when it would no longer try to be our parent or our master.  I dream of the day when it would only punish evil and not promote it, when it would commend the good works we are called to do instead of competing against us, and when it would foster a protective environment conducive to the free expression of the gospel.

7. Government would protect our freedoms.  Though we are truly free only in Christ, I look forward to the time when government is no longer hostile to Christian truths, or the exercise of religious freedoms, conscience or expression, but provides a fertile environment for the outworking of the Biblical worldview – in full contrast to all other, futile worldviews.

Are my dreams unrealistic?  I don’t think so.  Our nation was founded on solid Biblical principles and its Christian legacy still permeates society.  Since government and politics reflects society our active involvement individually, and as churches, will be key to fulfilling the above dreams.  Are we up for the challenge?  If so, what are you going to do?

Frank Kacer
Executive Director, Christian Citizenship Council of San Diego

First published in the November 2005 issue of Good News Etc.