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“When the righteous thrive, the people rejoice; when the wicked rule, the people groan.” (Prov 29:2)

“Why We Do It ”

Christianity has been characterized since its very beginning by an evangelistic zeal.  The Great Commission (Matt 28:18-20) clearly speaks to our role to give the gospel to those without Christ, who otherwise have no hope in this or the afterlife.   This command is central to the reason why God keeps us in this world once we come to faith in Christ.  The Cultural Mandate, however, is less well known or even understood.  The salt and light passages (Matt 5:13-16) and other principles from the Old and New Testaments, show our duty to influence community, culture and government for the common good.  By so doing, the relevancy of God’s truths and the credibility of our personal Christian testimony is affirmed.   For some reason however, the Cultural Mandate has been relegated by many pastors and church members to the level of passive insignificance.  Not only do I believe this is wrong, but apathy concerning our cultural duties will also destroy our credibility in presenting the gospel.  If we have little understanding, appreciation, or involvement in addressing the problems in the world, why would someone be interested in hearing the truths about Christ from us?

I believe when Biblical principles are followed, the common good of everyone is improved.  Conversely, when they’re violated or ignored, harsh consequences can result.  What does this mean for sincere Christians?  It means we get involved with all spheres of human endeavor in one way or another. 

At the local level, when Christian’s have an orderly home and yard, recycle and support sound conservation policies, they are fulfilling Gen 1:28.  When we give a helping hand or loving care to the less fortunate, the homeless, the disabled or sick, the unborn, or those facing death or abandonment we are demonstrating love to those made in the image of God (Gen 1:26) and are following the example of Christ Himself (Matt 9:35-38).  To prevent social disaster, we work to restrict government to its Biblical role of encouraging everything that’s good while punishing evildoers and our enemies (Rom 13:1-4).  All around us we see the horrible consequences when government pursues social engineering programs, gives unmerited handouts, destroys parental authority, encourages sexual impurity, gives incentives to create non-traditional families, and makes decisions based upon political correctness and moral relativism instead of God’s standards.

We get involved in public education and school boards because we know the destructive potential when virtue and morality are removed, when discipline is outlawed, when our Christian historical roots are denigrated or ignored, and when the un-provable “theory” of evolution denigrates any nobleness or purpose to life (Eccl 12:13).

We support those running for elective office that strive to apply Biblical principles of justice, financial stewardship, upholding the sanctity of marriage, affirming the preciousness of life, and punishing those that violate the laws of the land.  If we don’t uphold a godly, righteous standard in the public arena and demand it of our government representatives – who will?

If this isn’t enough, we try to influence national policy towards other nations in a manner consistent with the golden rule and to ensure our sovereignty and interests as a nation.  In so doing, we help guarantee the continuation of fertile Christian soil throughout our country.  This foundation has global implications.  Consider this: the dramatic influence of the evangelical community has ensured our continual friendship with Israel – a nation that has occupied a special place in history, and has remarkably been resurrected in our time as the central flash point of clashing civilizations.  If we weaken in our influence at home, our place in history concerning Israel will become more convoluted and weakened, with potentially catastrophic consequences for the world.

We know where political expediency, multiculturalism, moral relativism, lax immigration, hate crime legislation, physician-assisted suicide, abortion on demand, gay rights and pornography (to name a few) originate from and where these lead.  The ultimate goals of the corrupt world’s way of thinking are to first silence, and then punish the free expression of our faith, Biblical principles, and the gospel.  There is no question we are in a spiritual war against self-righteous, arrogant evil that can’t co-exist with standards of virtue and morality.  There is no happy medium.  If our influence continues to become marginalized to the point of irrelevance, you can be assured we’ll eventually be looked upon as the source of all societies problems and persecuted accordingly.  This struggle will ultimately show whether the great power and prosperity of this nation will be used to fulfill noble purposes or to crush the unlimited opportunities we have as Christians to influence the conditions and events here and around the world for the glory of Christ.  What say you?  Do you want to remain ignorant and apathetic, or are you going to engage in the noble conflict?

Frank Kacer
Executive Director, Christian Citizenship Council of San Diego

First published as a Guest Commentary in the February 2007 issue of Good News Etc.