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“When the righteous thrive, the people rejoice; when the wicked rule, the people groan.” (Prov 29:2)

“A Goal Too Far?”

Every election gives opportunity to reassess the political landscape and the role we as the Christian community play in it.  I found the June Primary very disappointing at a couple of levels.  The first is how poorly many “social conservative” candidates did in the San Diego area.  By poorly, I’m not implying they were unqualified or stumbled in some manner.  I’m referring to the final vote count.  Whether it was the 50th Congressional race, open Assembly seats, some “non-partisan” elective offices, or county political party seats, conservatives didn’t do as well as hoped.  Secondly, the national political parties interest in the Congressional race was heavy-handed to say the least.  A win at all costs mentality seemed to play out before our eyes on TV and in radio commercials, mailers, and through the media. 

Too often, with a good crop of qualified people willing to put their lives on hold to pursue public office, campaigns end up splitting the Christian “conservative” vote such that the “moderate” (or worse) person can slip by.  If it’s a crowded field, money and political muscle can overwhelm most good candidates.  There are, however, a few deeper issues.  In what some see as a moral and fiscal death spiral for California, many find it easier to just support fiscal conservatives that are squishy, or just plain corrupt, on the major social and moral issues of the day.  Some of the local races didn’t energize Christians or the conservative base to turn out in large numbers because of the compromise in values they would have to make. Everyone supports prosperity.  But prosperity is a terrible price to pay if the results are elected officials not willing to fight hard against the statewide onslaught of perversion and immorality all around us.

Each of us must answer the question, what now?  If you were elated by election results, you’re already invigorated to stay engaged.    If you were discouraged by the results and the tactics employed, the temptation is to walk away and let the political arena rot on the vine.  The question we have to ask ourselves is this – what would happen if we, the conservative Christian community, walk away from the battle?  Name me a profession or endeavor that has benefited from the removal of Christian influence.  The sinfulness of mankind guarantees that any activity that is not subject to solid moral restraint (i.e. Biblical standards) will rot.  Politics, legislation, public schools, hospitals, colleges, businesses, will all be worse off without the constraining influence of God’s word and His people’s godly influence.  Let me add quickly, I’m not ignoring the wonderful work many non-Christians are doing.  However, the philosophies and reasoning of man (Col 2:6-7), can change overnight.  God’s word, however, is forever, does not change, and brings the greatest good for the greatest number.

God asks us to be faithful, not to guarantee results.  Ultimately, the Lord is in control and desires us to be a godly influence throughout government and society.  If we don’t do this, who will?  If we don’t continue to strive to implement a proper balance of governmental compassion and justice, who will?  Gal 6:9 tells us to not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we’ll reap a harvest if we don’t give up.  Our goal then, is to be faithful workers in Kingdom work.  In doing so, God will fulfill His purposes through us.

It’s not yet the day when our difficulty is choosing the very best amongst many great candidates.  Until that day I have a few suggestions.  First, thank those who fought the good fight but came up short in the voting.  They ran the race to completion and should be commended for the personal (and family) sacrifice to do what was right.  Second, consider donating to those you supported, whether they lost or won.  Often after elections we forget candidates may have suffered significant financial burden during the campaign and have carryover debts.  Third, thank good candidates for their work and effort, and encourage them not to give up.  If they lost, they need to be built up and refreshed.  If they won, they need to be encouraged to continue the good fight. In all cases, continue to pray for these that have put themselves on the line for our good.  They represent the next wave of leaders needed in the public arena.  If the Lord didn’t grant them this race, then there may be another more important fight for them in the future. 
Finally, always remember that election battles come and go, but the war rages on.  May we then, continue to be faithful soldiers in the spiritual war that will continue on until our Lord returns in glory.  Ultimately, we know the righteous goal of honoring the Lord will win out.

- Frank Kacer

First published as a Guest Commentary in the July 2006 issue of Good News Etc.